Friday, January 11, 2008

Choosing a Venue

I am trying to decide how I want to "push my wares".

I have considered selling to local retailers. I even went out and bought the trays and carrying case that I read I would need. But those trays are heavy! I don't know how I can gracefully unpack anything. I don't know the protocol, so I feel pretty uncomfortable doing this.

There is also the option of Internet sells. But I don't believe there would be a large market for this. I think the effort that would be required to bring customers to my site would be way more than I want to give.

Craft show, flea markets and such is another idea. I've only been to a craft show once (as a browser). I didn't pay much attention to merchants side. This would require a bit of homework and I'd have to visit a few shows to know what participating would require (supplies, decorations, paperwork, how many necklaces, etc).

Both the Internet sells and Shows would require me to process credit cards. This means more homework.. and overhead costs.

There is another option. Today I visited a store (Crafter's Gallery) that rents booths and/or wall space monthly. They handle all the sells and taxes. They get 5% of the price you sell your item for. You don't have to be on location. You just put up your display, tag everything with your vendor number and the price. The owner write you a check once a month for the items sold.
It's a cute place, very neat and clean with really nice stuff. I talked to the owner and she said I might want to use a locked cabinet to display my jewelry. She said they have never had problems, but it's best to be safe.

I looked online at the prices for locked displays. OUCH! That's a big chunk of overhead. There has got to be another way to protect my stuff without spending $500!

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