Monday, January 7, 2008

I know I should be happy

I am surprised at how fast my necklaces sell. Today I sold another one before I could take a picture of it. That's the 4th time that has happened. I suppose I don't really need the picture. But I'm thinking.. "Gosh, maybe I need to make a few more like it since it went so fast.". Without a picture, I'll never remember what it looked like. I guess I'll have to stop showing people necklaces that I haven't photographed.


Julie Vose said...

Mary-Your jewelry is absolutely beautiful!!! I will definately be over to buy from you. You have done a wonderful job. Much success to you. Julie Vose

Julie Vose said...

Mary- your necklaces are beautiful!!!I will definately buy one or more of them> Julie Vose

es0 torok said...

Julie, you are so sweet!
Speaking of sweet, take a look at these.