Saturday, February 9, 2008

Tips for taking pictures of jewelry.

One of the first problems I encountered when I started making jewelry was how to take good pictures. After a bit of research, lots of errors, and great tips from Stephanie at Southern Jewelry Design, I am now able to take acceptable pictures of my jewelry. I use the word "acceptable" because the are far from commercial quality.

Here are the basic requirements needed to take good pictures of your jewelry:
1. Natural light.
2. There is no second requirement. :-)

That's right, if you have natural light.. you can get good pictures.

I take my pictures with my cell phone camera (Samsung Sync). There are many better quality digital cameras available, but I'd rather spend my money on beads right now.
I set my cell phone camera to the finest quality and largest size. I set the lighting to "automatic". The "Sync" in the name Samsung Sync means I can plug a cable from my computer to my phone and drag and drop the pictures to my computer.

If you have a problem with blurry images, you may need to consider a tripod. The blur is from the wiggle in your hands during the "picture click" process. In the beginning, I had lots of blur. After I started taking the pictures outside, my blur disappeared. I don't use a tripod.

I place my necklace on a porch swing covered with a white sheet (it's not easy taking pictures on windy days!).

If you look through all my pictures, you will notice some have a blue hue to them. These were taking at a different time of day. It is amazing how much difference a few hours can make. I found that 2pm works best for me.

One more bit of advice.. direct sunlight will give you shadows. Sometimes this my may bring out the best of a crystal piece, but it normally makes a bad picture. My porch is a covered porch, which blocks the direct sunlight and still offers the natural light I need.

Good Luck and feel free to leave comments with your own suggestions and discoveries.

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