Friday, May 16, 2008

The Blogger Loop

There are two things that annoy me about blogs.

The first is when I find a blog that interests me, but it hasn't had a posting for several months.

The other is when, as a blogger.. I start feeling like I'm all alone in a long dark quiet hallway. Let me explain that. As a blogger, I become discouraged when there are no comments or email letting me know my blog is actually being read. This reduces the desire to expend the effort to blog, and ultimately creates the situation described in my first annoyance.

I guess this would be referred to as the "blogger loop" (for lack of another more creative term).

I'm explaining the Blogger Loop because I seem to have gotten myself stuck in it. I haven't posted in over a month, yet I've had lot's of cool things to write about.

For starters, I had surgery on my left hand last month. I am left handed. You can assume any typing errors are probably related to my club-casted hand. This also makes it difficult to make jewelry... and drive.. and wash dishes.. and floss.. and lot's of other things I never thought about before.

News on the jewelry front: My jewelry has been selling very well at Under One Roof. I'm now considering expanding and renting an area at The Crafters Gallery in addition to my Under One Roof location.

I find myself pulled between wanting to make nice inexpensive jewelry and wanting to make Fine jewelry. I've made a couple of 100% sterling silver necklaces, but I'm not sure where I'd find a market for them. I've thought about taking them to someone to get an appraisal. It would but interesting to get a professional opinion.

I bought a digital camera. I've also discovered the real secret to taking pictures of jewelry. It's a light tent! I had no idea there was such a thing until someone mentioned it in the rec.craft.bead usenet group. The Jewelry Photography Kit is at the top of my wish list.
They have lots of other kits available for a variety of photography projects.

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