Monday, July 21, 2008

Cool looking easy to make display

I'll be expanding my store booth (at Under One Roof) next month. This means I need more displays. I looked at the jewelry supply stores, but all the busts, etc. look similar and can be costly (especially when adding shipping charges).

Today I was walking around Hobby Lobby and saw the cutest little (5 inch) Cowboy hats. They were in the doll making section.

I let my creativity run, and within 10 minutes I had created an adorable display for my necklaces.

I've decided to share the information with you. So, here is how I created these adorable displays.
(Warning: This was a pain to format with the blog editor, so I can't guarantee how it looks.)

These are the materials I used:
  • The little cowboy hat.
  • A small doll stand.
  • A piece of felt.

I covered the doll stand with the piece of felt.

Place the cowboy hat on top to secure the felt.

I've now got some super cool inexpensive (less than $3.50 each) necklace displays!

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